Chuck S. Hohng
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Burden (1991)
How to Duplicate Burden (1991) Do-It-Yourself Manual

What You Need and What You Should Do:

1. Repressed memories from the past
2. Habitual self-pity / Self-victimizing tendency
3. Object-A: Mass produced object can be used, however handmade replica of mass produced objects are preferred for personalization / object should have significance to individual
4. Convince yourself that object of your choice has the power upon you when it comes to the actual event of trauma
5. Object-A becomes the sacrificial object as if object itself caused psychological burden you have
6. When the object is ready to be fully blamed for, bind it with red strings to protect an object from being empty vessel for wondering souls
7. At the moment you finish projecting psychological burden to an object, internal struggle should end shortly after
8. You should be able to distinct yourself from object of fetishized self-pity and glorified tragedy – the doll. If you still suffer from psychological burden of such, make more blame-dolls.