Chuck S. Hohng
One of UsOne of UsOne of UsOne of UsOne of UsOne of UsOne of UsOne of Us
One of Us
One of Us, 2011

1. Commodification of trauma can be most interesting human invention

2. Materials/ Fabrics have been selected for a personal reason

3. Patterns are cut from different fabrics and tossed into large bag

4. Patterns for parts are randomly selected from the bag

5. If the bear have no black fabric included, they have become Lucky Ones

6. If the bears have constructed with only partial black fabric, they will be called Suppressed Individual

7. Group of bears which are made entirely with black fabric, will be called One of Us

8. This is to prove that billion monkeys typing million years would create Shakespeare’s play

9. Only handful of us is lucky enough

10. Most of us are good at hiding/ suppressing psychological burden.